Your challenge, our inspiration.

toughest control makes sense in chaotic conditions.

Finnish-design control systems, that fulfill it’s promises under or above the ground.

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Your challenge our inspiration.


100% focused on control systems.

Epec has 40 years of experience with control systems and we are 100% focused on control systems, nothing else.

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Epec’s new organizational structure


In response to business growth, Epec is restructuring its organization as follows:     Epec’s management team (from 12th August 2019): Jyri Kylä-Kaila Managing Director Eeva Koskela Director,…



Customer Success Story: Multilift


The most important quality of Epec is the fact that they always keep what’s promised Hiab is the world’s leading provider of on-road load handling equipment and smart…



Tervetuloa vierailemaan osastollemme 6d10 Teknologia 19- tapahtumassa


Teknologia 19 on Pohjoismaiden johtava teknologia-alan tapahtuma ja “the Place to visit” sinulle, joka työskentelet teollisuuden ja teknologian alalla ja haluat kasvattaa asiantuntemustasi, oppia uutta ja verkostoitua!


Secure access solution for remote maintenance.

minimize your machine down-time with Epec GatE

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More than just HW, Epec offers:
  • Solutions for making implementing easy and cost-effective, shortening your time-to-market
  • Engineering services that can offer you a tailored solution according to your needs
  • Support and training to help you with day-to-day challenges
  • Control system products for every need

sustainability is caretaking.

Finnish design & know-how

We aim to minimize our environmental impact and continuously improve our environmental performance. That’s why we follow the ISO14001 environmental criteria and also hold the ISO14001 certification.

why epec?

We know control systems inside and out, we have more than 40 years’ and hundreds of  projects’ worth of experience with control systems, operating environments and mobile machines.

Passion for Control systems.

We cannot be the biggest… but we aim to be the best!
Our goal is to help our customers develop more intelligent machines and contribute to a safer and cleaner society.

Extreme conditions?
– Bring it on!

The toughest products are formed for the toughest environments. Epec control units are robust and reliable, they are designed and manufactured to withstand harsh conditions: high mechanical shocks and vibration, heat, cold and different chemicals.

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