Services for system integrators

Epec partners all around the world

Epec has a strong position as a control system designer and manufacturer for mobile machines, electronics and software for challenging conditions. Epec´s main customers include global machine and utility vehicle manufacturers. In addition to a strong share in the domestic market, Epec products are widely exported to Europe, Far East, Russia, USA and Canada.

Our partners in different countries are operating as Epec product distributors and are specialized to offer total control system solutions for machine manufacturers in their home markets. Want to see Your company on our distributor list? Contact us. We’re actively searching for new partners. Epec is actively expanding its partner network. Today, Epec’s retailer network covers the European, Chinese, Russian and US markets.

Increased market coverage and operations in different market segments and areas will continue to be one of Epec’s main targets in the coming years.

List of Epec partners

Services for System Integrators

System integrators are independent expert companies who provide control system consulting and project services for machine manufacturer companies in their target markets. System integrators have a deep understanding of local conditions and they know customer requirements. In many cases, they act as our control system technology distributors in their markets.

We help you as a system integrator to succeed with your business. We can provide you with Epec made products, such as PLC starter kits, testing and simulator equipment, etc. The versatile and modular control system platform enables you to design state of the art embedded systems with easy and fast graphical development environment.

You will gain the know-how that Epec has to offer and have access to support from our experts for problems and challenges you are faced with. We offer training for you in areas such as PLC open, C programming, system design courses, and product training courses. Arrangements can also be made for experts in engineering and sales from Epec to assist you in educating your customers on the technology being used.
By working together, we can find the right solutions to meet your needs, and furthermore, help your target market machine manufacturer companies succeed with their business.