A machine control system is physically created using products and components, but going beyond what is obviously visible, is the built-in intelligence, comprised of the application software. Epec’s own Project Services Department consists of 30 control system experts, ready to provide project services to machine manufacturers and distributor partners, helping them design effective, safe, and environmentally friendly, mobile working machines.

Control systems specialist

Located in Seinäjoki Finland, the Project Services Department can be found on the same premises as Production, R&D, Technical Support, Sales and other operations. This enables us to work closely together to offer top of the line products and services to our customers. Our global network of partners and system integrators are trained by Epec, and use Epec made products to better serve their local markets and provide project services. 

Typical projects are, but not limited to, applications for mobile working machines and commercial vehicles. We work closely with our customers to provide innovative solutions and determine project scope and content, for example:

  • Consulting for system/functional specifications
  • Consulting for functional safety related solutions
  • Total turnkey solution for machine control (entire application SW)
  • Part of a project (e.g. basic configuration and architecture)
  • Maintenance/update projects

We are always interested in taking on new challenges and want to help design the next generation of intelligent machines! If you are interested in finding out more about Epec’s project services and how we can help with your machine control project, please contact Epec project services.

Optimal and cost effective solutions

Customers gain access to our expert knowledge and the latest information concerning machine control systems. We understand the requirements for machine safety in challenging environmental conditions and support our customers’ requirements to meet industry standards and safety requirements.

The project process model that we follow ensures high quality and timely execution of projects. Our quick reaction time and multitalented resources, experience and reliability all contribute to our ability to execute projects in a timely manner and meet project objectives.