Epec 5050 control unit

Epec 5050 Control Unit

Epec 5050 Control Unit is an extremely compact, powerful and robust multifunction controller. Epec 5050 Control Unit is ideal for applications that require plenty of I/O and enhanced algorithms. 3 x 35 pin heavy-duty AMPSEAL connectors provide an I/O interface that includes, for example, 28 PWM outputs, four CAN interfaces and versatile connectivity for sensors. Along with the efficient 32-bit microcontroller and up to 3 Mbyte application size, the product fits perfectly in different control system architectures.

Non-volatile RAM is a perfect solution for fast and continuous saving of information that needs to be retained over long power outages. Epec 5050 is equipped with a huge, ultra-fast 512 kbyte NVRAM that is very easy to use for storing machine parameters or log files.

The compact Epec 5050 Control Unit has an optimized number of both input and output pins to be used for numerous roles in the control system. The total number of I/O pins is 65, including digital inputs and outputs, analog inputs, pulse inputs and proportional (PWM) outputs. All I/O pins are equipped with a short-circuit protection. Pulse inputs have threshold voltage selection and some of the inputs have pull up/pull down selection by application.


Today Agrifac Machinery B.V. uses the 3 Mbyte PLCopen application version of the Epec 5050 Control Unit as a main controller in their self-propelled sprayer Condor. The control system also consists of several Epec 2020 Control Units.