Epec 4602 control unit

Epec 4602 Control Unit 

Epec 4602 Control Unit is a new multifunction controller for system distribution and stand-alone applications.

Epec 4602 Control Unit is equipped with the advanced processor technology and is capable of controlling 10 hydraulic blocks simultaneously by using 20 PWM outputs and 10 feedback pins. The control unit can also simultaneously read multiple joysticks and analog signals. These features make it possible to control a whole machine by using only one control unit.

Epec 4602 Control Unit provides a wide range of programmable I/Os for different implementations. As all Epec control units, 4602 Control Unit was designed to be used in harsh operating environments, to withstand high mechanical shocks and vibration, heat, cold and different chemicals. Unit also has a signal LED for control unit diagnostics. One CAN is equipped with double pins, which makes cabling easier since there is no need for branches in the wire harness. Non-volatile RAM is a perfect solution for fast and continuous saving of information that needs to be retained over long power outages. NVRAM is very easy to use for storing machine parameters or log files.

Technical features:
• 16/32 bit powerful microcontroller
• Flash memory: 1,6 Mbyte
• 8 kbyte Non volatile memory (FRAM) for application parameters
(unlimited write cycles)
• RAM memory for application variables 112 kbyte
• PLCopen application size up to 768 kbyte
• Temperature range up to +85°C
• High current sourcing capability (total 30A)
• Competitive pricing per I/O pin
• Two color diagnostic LED for quick status check and fault