Epec 3720 control unit

Epec 3720 Control Unit

3720 Control Unit is specially optimized for hydraulic actuator control with a high amount of PWM outputs and feedback pins. Epec 3720 I/O  interface is compatible with the previous Epec 2020 Control Unit and gives an easy upgrade possibility for customers. Furthermore, Epec 3720 comes in the same rugged proven-in-use aluminum housing and reliable connectors.

Epec 3720 key features:

- 16/32 bit microcontroller 100MHz
- 1024 kbyte RAM memory for application variables
- 8 kbyte non-volatile FRAM memory for application    parameters
- 24 PWM outputs, total 59 total I/O pins, capable of    controlling 10 proportional pairs
- Operating temperature range -40…+85 °C
- CODESYS 2.3 programmable