Epec 3606 control unit

Epec 3606 Control Unit

The New Epec 3606 is a compact Control unit to be used as a stand-alone controller for smaller systems or as part of a bigger, decentralized control system. In the 3606 there are 21 I/O pins in total.

The Epec 3606 Control Unit has the same, new award-winning Epec design already introduced with the Epec 5050 control unit. The stylish, unique shape of the casing works to protect the electronics inside against mechanical wear. The robust, leak-proof zinc/plastic housing has also been widely tested against different environmental conditions.

The 3606 Control Unit contains plenty of new features such as signal LED for control unit diagnostics. One CAN is equipped with double pins, which makes cabling easier since there is no need for branches in the wire harness. A second CAN is also available as an optional extra.

Technical features:

  • 16/32 bit powerful microcontroller
  • Flash memory: 1.6 Mbyte
  • RAM memory for application variables 112 kbyte
  • PLCopen application size up to 768 kbyte
  • Temperature range up to +85°C
  • Non-volatile memory: 2 kbyte
  • Application software selectable features:
  • Analog measurement 0-5 V or 0-22 mA