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Additional information on CAN and CANopen can be obtained from CAN in Automation (CiA).


Additional information on PLCopen (IEC61131-3) programming can be obtained from CoDeSys Automation Alliance (CAA).


Extreme conditions? Bring it on!

Challenging operating environments that require products to endure moisture, shock, vibration, dirt and wide
temperature ranges serve as a starting point for the design of Epec’s control system product range. All of the products are designed and manufactured according to strict standards, and are certified for automotive use according to e17.

All Epec control system products, such as control units, embedded displays and vehicle computers, can be used in tough conditions. Robust zink or aluminium enclosure, 100 G vibration endurance, up to class IP67 water and dust resistance, wide operating temperature range and compact size together with open I/O interface mean that the control units can be mounted almost anywhere, close to sensors, measuring systems, hydraulic blocks, etc.

Control system solutions for challenging conditions

Embedded control systems help increase the efficiency and productivity of machines by optimizing and constantly monitoring and diagnosing loads, pressures, temperatures and other functions around the machine, engine, etc. Advanced diagnostics allow machine manufacturers, their after sales and service organizations and machine operators to monitor machine usage, also in the event of any overloads, thus ensuring that the machine is used correctly and solving situations where guarantees are involved. Advanced diagnostics also help to ensure that all services and repairs are done on schedule and can even be used to forecast the need for service, so that downtime will not unnecessarily interrupt actual production processes.

Epec provides modular control systems that are easily scalable both for small and large machines. Electronic control units (ECUs) are intelligent units, which can independently measure and control sensors, actuators, joysticks, valves, etc. connected to them. The I/O interface is open, thus allowing any commonly-used devices to be used in the system. ECUs communicate with each other via standard CAN bus. The CAN bus also allows devices from other manufacturers to be used in the control system.
Open I/O and communication interfaces allow machine manufacturers to choose the best possible combination of components for their machine. This optimizes the structure both technically and economically. The electronic control units themselves are compact and solidly-built, with an IP67 protection rating. This allows them to be optimally placed near the machine, in close proximity to the devices connected to them. Furthermore, wiring harnesses can be used and installation time can be minimized on the machine production line.

Embedded control systems can be expanded by connecting a robust mobile PC to it. A mobile PC enables the processing of large amounts of communication functions such as production data, advanced mapping, positioning functions, etc., for example. With the help of a mobile PC, the machine manufacturers service organization may provide them with wireless remote service and diagnostics services. This may include machine optimizing, version updates, etc.
We are committed to the use and development of CANopen and PLCopen for easy and standardised connectivity to the surroundings.