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Epec is a solution provider specializing in intelligent control systems, vehicle computers, and information systems for mobile machines. Epec helps its customers and partners to design and manufacture effi cient, safe, and environmentally friendly mobile working machines and special vehicles.

All Epec mobile control units can be used in rough terrain and challenging conditions. They have a wide operating temperature range, and high endurance against difficult and demanding environmental conditions. Products comply with normal automotive standards for EMC and environmental conditions, and are certified for automotive use according to e17.

Embedded control systems are based on PLCopen and CANopen®, which make them easily scalable to meet requirements for both small and large machines. Electronic control units (ECU) have open I/O and communication interface, thus making it possible to connect devices from other most common manufacturers to optimize the whole machine environment, both technically and ergonomically. In addition to CANopen® communication protocol, SAE J1939 and ISOBUS are also available.

Our client base is both local and international, with our business unit including manufacturing located in Finland. Local support and quality services can also be found from our growing international network of partners, conveniently serving their local markets.



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New MultiTool 5 now available

Epec MultiTool is a system design and configuration tool for control system developers, that has gained a huge success among Epec customers.

Epec GlobE remote management solution released

Epec is entering the trendy IoT business with one giant leap by releasing Epec GlobE remote management solution, a complete service package for OEMs and Machine/Fleet owners to remotely access the machine data.

MultiTool 5.0, SDK 2.2. and GlobE remote management solution released

We have just released MultiTool 5.0, SDK 2.2 and GlobE remote management solution! Want to know more? Email and also check out our brand new MultiTool video.


Support & Training

Epec product training

We are offering several basic product training courses during the year.

Epec partners all around the world

Epec has a strong position as a control system designer and manufacturer for mobile machines, electronics and software for challenging conditions. Epec´s main customers include global machine and utility vehicle manufacturers. In addition to a strong share in the domestic market, Epec products are widely exported to Europe, Far East, Russia, USA and Canada.

Epec project services

We help you to design effective, safe, and environmentally friendly mobile working machines. Our customers are able to utilize the vast knowledge of our project teams, who have experience with demanding machine environments. Multitalented project teams help customers in the designing and implementation of machine control. They also provide support in machine development and service for the entire life cycle of the machine generations.